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Below are US patents and patent applications on varieties of Nunhems B.V. The protection of a U.S. Patent and patent application covers all the material and information described in the claims.

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Application Title
Commercial name of variety
Publication Number
US Patent Number
Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 4021 AROperaUS2011/00725368,648,233
Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 4060 AR SamboUS2012/02271228,669,420
Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 04325 ARGreen QueenUS2014/00532929,398,748
Artichoke variety NUN 04455 ARGreen TriumphUS2018/0070546
Hybrid carrot variety PURPLE ELITEPurple EliteUS2013/0305401 9,000,266
Hybrid carrot variety PURPLE SNAXPurple SnaxUS2013/03054039,012,724
Hybrid carrot variety RebelRebelUS2013/03054028,952,220
Hybrid carrot variety TROOPERTrooperUS2013/02392429,131,650
Hybrid carrot variety SLENDERCUTSlendercutUS2013/02472419,012,725
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 89141 CAC Snow ManUS2013/03054048,962,923
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85180 CACHossUS2013/02633059,480,211
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85190BulldogUS2014/01737729,060,476
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85021 CACEaglepakUS2014/01820079,006,516
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85931 CACNUN 85931 CACUS2014/02454739,107,356
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 89849 CACRubyqueenUS2015/02015739,480,212
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85933 CACHighcutUS2017/0142921
Carrot plants with a high anthocyanin levelNUN 89682 CACUS2018/0220609
Cucumber variety NUN 55507 CUP MARCIALUS2013/00400398,847,022
Cucumber variety NUN 5545 CUPLoganUS2013/00742039,234,207
Cucumber variety NUN 52007 CUP Tacana US2015/0181825
Cucumber variety NUN 55513 CUP ProlixUS2015/0181826
Cucumber variety NUN 53016 CUPV 5016 US2015/0181827
Cucumber variety NUN 43003 CULSepireUS2016/000755010,098,311
Cucumber variety NUN 53019 CUPNUN 53019 CUPUS2016/002184010,064,352
Cucumber variety NUN 53028 CUP NUN 53028 CUP US2017/0079230
Cucumber variety NUN 53025 CUP V 5025US2017/0086403
Cucumber variety NUN 53031 CUP NUN 53031 CUP US2017/0079231
Cucumber variety NUN 55516 CUPNUN 55516 CUPUS2018/0077889
Cucumber variety NUN 52010 CUP NUN 52010 CUPUS2018/0184605
Cucumber variety NUN 52011 CUP V 5211US2018/0184609
Cucumber variety NUN 52012 CUP NUN 52012 CUPUS2018/0199530
Cucumber variety NUN 52012 CUPNUN 52012 CUPUS2018/0206441
Leek variety Nun 08412NuntonUS2013/02027759,179,637
Leek variety NUN 10401 LELChieftonUS2017/0332596
Leek variety NUN 50215 LELShaftonUS2018/0184611
Lettuce variety SALMON SalmonUS2012/01445138,735,662
Lettuce Variety RedglaceRedglaceUS2012/00965788,785,729
Lettuce variety IntredIntred US2012/01373838,754,293
Lettuce variety NUN 09050 LTL Multigreen 50US2014/02898839,380,756
Lettuce variety NUN 09055 LTL Multired 55US2012/01445178,796,512
Lettuce variety MULTIRED 54Multired 54US2012/02079119,210,910
Lettuce variety Multigreen 60Multigreen 60US2013/01455049,144,223
Lettuce variety NUN 0905 LTLNitaflashUS2013/02195459,439,386
Lettuce variety Multigreen 57 LTL Multigreen 57US2013/02195449,198,395
Lettuce variety NUN 06075 LTLLuminousUS2013/02472449,198,396
Lettuce variety NUN 06524 LTLCrispolUS2015/02720779,491,923
Lettuce variety NUN 06109 LTLCopious US2015/03131719,999,197
Lettuce variety NUN 09070 LTL Skrunch Red 70US2015/03200049,426,965
Lettuce variety NUN 06117 LTLViciousUS2016/02958269,913,452
Lettuce variety NUN 09085 LTL GreenflashUS2016/0316709 9,756,829
Lettuce variety NUN 06773 LTLThemesUS2017/0359993
Lettuce variety NUN 09102 LTL Skrunch 102US2018/0255722
Lettuce variety NUN 09131 LTL NUN 09131 LTLUS2018/0255722
Lettuce variety NUN 05379 LTL BatigolUS2018/0255740
Lettuce variety NUN 00162 LTLNupicUS2018/0255741
Lettuce variety NUN 09094 LTLThorflashUS2018/0288959
Melon variety NUN 1101Sunny DeeUS2012/03117318,742,209
Melon variety NUN 01307 MENUN 01307 MEUS2012/03153718,816,161
Melon variety NUN 02602 MEGaribaldiUS2013/00649598,859,861
Melon variety NUN 26171 MEMSense 171US2014/01092519,185,858
Melon variety NUN 26181 MEMSense 181 US2014/01233339,210,849
Melon variety NUN 26191 MEMSense 191 US2014/01092529,185,859
Melon variety NUN 35007 MEMCrispy pearUS2015/01435729,516,826
Melon variety NUN 21267 MEMSilverockUS2015/01569809,516,827
Melon variety NUN 26357 MEMSweet eastUS2015/01569819,516,828
Melon variety NUN 26147 MEMDurawestUS2016/00736039,844,194
Melon variety NUN 16121 MEMZieloUS2016/01574519,867,342
Melon variety NUN 31017 MEMSilverballUS2017/004210710,154,631
Melon variety NUN 71504 MEM Crispy frostUS2017/00649179,980,447
Melon variety NUN 22521 MEM NUN 22521 MEMUS2017/01053759,980,449
Melon variety NUN 16215 MEMZentauroUS2018/0077890
Melon variety NUN 68106 MEM ColiseoUS2018/0206444
Onion variety NUN 03010 ONSofireUS2013/01800029,516,851
Onion variety DULCIANA DulcianaUS2014/00072749,591,816
Onion variety NUN 2002 ON NUN 2002 ON US2015/03199489,578,821
Onion variety NUN 08003 ONRheaUS2016/0736049,516,825
Onion variety NUN 17210 ONLS7210 (+SunionsTM)US2016/01282909,986,700
Onions of variety I37853B, I37554A, I37554B, and progeny thereof with high storage ability, high soluble solids content and/or low pungencyNUN 17210 ONLUS2011/00412178,816,155
Onion variety NUN 07206 ON AirosoUS2017/0142922
Pepper varieties NUN 70041 PPH, VengadorUS2017/0245447
Pepper variety NUN 70042 PPH EnvasadorUS2018/0242544
Pepper variety NUN 70039 PPHCooperadorUS2018/0310511
Pepper variety NUN 50184 PPSNUN 50184 PPSUS2018/0146636
Pepper variety NUN 70048 PPHAviatorUS2018/0160640
Hybrid spinach variety ANDROMEDAAndromedaUS2012/0222147 8,563,807
Spinach variety NUN 05004 SPS Alcor US2018/0098518
Spinach variety NUN 06258 SPS Crater US2018/0206442
Spinach variety NUN 05048 SPS MinkarUS2018/0317416
Spinach variety NUN 06202 SPS TabitUS2018/0317417
Spinach variety NUN 06203 SPSDracusUS2018/0184610
New tomato variety EnhancerEnhancerUS2014/00333419,173,357
New tomato variety N 6407N 6407US2014/01092539,480,213
New tomato variety N 6416N 6416US2014/01092549,48,0214
Tomato variety N 6410N 6410US2014/01501309,480,215
Tomato variety NUN 00209Spesso6415US2014/03565159,480,216
Tomato variety NUN 00213 TOPAmplio6420US2014/03565169,480,217
Tomato variety NUN 09015 TOFNUN 09015 GSPPUS2015/00748399,474,221
Tomato variety NUN 09085 TOFNUN 09085 GSPPUS2017/0006792
Tomato variety NUN 09168 TOFNUN 09168 TOF GSPPUS2017/0099796
Tomato variety NUN 00239 TOP N 6426US2017/0105374
Tomato variety Nun 00241 TOPN 6428US2017/0035015
Tomato variety Nun 00261 TOPN 6434US2017/0099797
Tomato variety NUN 00206 TOP Metro US2017/0127634
Tomato variety NUN 09194 TOFTrevine GSPPUS2018/0271044
Tomato variety NUN 09196 TOFProvine GSPPUS2018/0271050
Tomato variety NUN 00277 TOPN 6440US2018/0206428
Tomato variety NUN 00279 TOP N 6441US2018/0199529
Watermelon variety NUN 01009 WMWWarriorUS2013/0180017 9,408,354
Watermelon variety NUN 7201 WMWStellarUS2015/01109449,572,312
Watermelon Variety NUN 31208 WMW EmbasyUS2015/02501189,955,638
Watermelon Variety NUN 31311 WMW NUN 31311 WMW US2015/0245574
Dual Purpose Pollenizer WatermelonsNUN 11204 WMW (WH9716)US2014/00201399,763,399
Watermelon Variety NUN 31408 WMW BazmanUS2018/0077891
Watermelon Variety NUN 31503 WMW NUN 31503 WMW US2018/0139920
+SunionsTM is a US trademark application of Nunhems B.V.
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